Nick Canuel / On- Air Personality

Nick Canuel is the host of and radio genius behind Nick’s Pick.  And he’s writing this, so you know it’s true.

Nick is the host of Jack’d Up Mornings Weekdays from 6am -10am. Tune in! Cause why not!

Nick has been with 94.7 JACK-FM since its inception in 2014, and with Arizona’s Hometown Radio Group since before then.  When he’s not being hilarious and devilishly handsome, Nick spends his time talking pretty.  You spend your time listening to him and enjoying it.

Interesting fact, if you type in the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a) on this page, it does absolutely nothing.  But you probably just tried it.

You can catch Nick’s Picks every weekday at 12:15PM, with an encore at 5:15PM on air, or right here on JACK’s slick website.

In addition,  once in a while he’s live on location!  But he’s kind of a diva.  No autographs, please.

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